Walter the giraffe to leave the Greenville Zoo


The Greenville Zoo is preparing to move Walter, the Masai Giraffe, to another location in the next few weeks.

Walter is among 20 Masai giraffes from across North America that the Giraffe Species Survival Program (SSP) has recommended be transferred to other facilities. Walter and Autumn, the zoo’s female giraffe, have successfully mated twice which makes him a sought after addition to other zoos trying to propagate the species. The SSP recommends Walter be transferred to the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, N.J., to join the bachelor herd there.

The Greenville Zoo will be getting a new male giraffe, 7-year-old Miles, from the Houston Zoo.

Miles won’t arrive until late summer or early fall to give Tatu, Walter and Autumn’s newest baby, time to grow. While Tatu will likely be part of a future SSP transfer recommendation, for now, there are no plans for him to leave the Greenville Zoo.

Walter and Autumn came to the Greenville Zoo in 2007.


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