How to cozy up a large living space

Expert Advice: Interior Design


Often I am asked, “What do I do with this huge room?”Here are some clever ways to warm up a large space and enjoy every square inch.



 1) Don’t let your sofa be a wallflower — invite that guy in for a dance! But seriously, your furniture doesn’t have to live on the walls. Too much empty space feels, well, empty! Bring your seating in, maybe centered around a focal point such as a fireplace, TV or a great view. The outlying walls can be filled with a console that allows a space for lamp lighting and a perfectly placed piece of art.



2) Pay no attention to those tall ceilings. They’re already beautiful — just let them be! Your furniture should reflect your level of comfort. Let’s face it, a sofa will never square off with a 12-foot ceiling, so purchase pieces you love and they will stand tall!

3) Create two living spaces within your larger space. You can do this one of two ways. First, divide the room into two by using rugs. Try using a pair of identical seagrass rugs or if you’re lucky to have a couple of wonderful oushaks lying around, pair them up for a rich, layered look.

Another idea is to divide the room to create functional areas. Need a spot for your laptop? Bring in a writing desk and designate a zone just for you. Or add a game table with chairs for family fun, Legos, and even homework.



Either way you go, you can’t go wrong. There’s nothing more special to me than existing with the people you love — because in today’s world we are all busy and into our “own thing.” Let’s at least be together.

Photography by Jana Candler and Leslie Kerrigan


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