Stacy Kuper running for open County Council seat


In the wake of Greenville County Councilman Jim Burns’ announcement to not seek reelection to the District 21 seat, technology professional Stacy Kuper has announced that she is running for the seat.

Kuper said Burns “was a great leader for our district” and after she heard he was stepping down, she started having conversations about filling his seat.

She said her concern in the community, especially in her district, was making sure infrastructure needs, other than just road repairs, kept up with development.

“Obviously we all know what the roads look like but the unseen is the water and sewer issue,” she said.

Kuper moved to the Greenville area nine years ago from northern Virginia because infrastructure wasn’t keeping up with development.

“I don’t want this to be a place I move from,” she said. “I want this to be a place where my kids can grow up.”

Kuper is director of sales for Net3 Technology Inc. and said that her 15 years in the technology field have helped her to be forward thinking.

“My brain is tuned in to think about the future” and being aware of changes, she said.

Along with better infrastructure, Kuper said she wants to improve the greenspace in District 21 by creating more parks and trails in the area so people don’t have to drive “all the way downtown to the Swamp Rabbit Trail.”

She’s worked with current members of council and served on various community organizations including the Greenville County Economic Development Corporation.

She also served on the ad hoc advisory board to extend the Swamp Rabbit Trail to CU-ICAR.



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