How healthy is Greenville County?


Both of Greenville’s two major health systems began their work on improving the community’s health with a health survey mandated by the Affordable Care Act requirement for charitable 501(c)(3) hospitals. Bon Secours St. Francis has a community health survey underway this month. Anyone can participate by visiting

GHS conducted a community health needs assessment in 2013, finding that about 65 percent of Greenvillians are overweight or obese, nearly one-quarter smoke and more than one-quarter have a sedentary lifestyle.

The GHS survey also found:

16% of Greenville residents have no health insurance.

Self-reported individual health has steadily declined in the last 15 years.

Greenville’s population is aging with 25 percent over the age of 55.

Greenville’s Hispanic population has grown 16-fold since 1990.

7 percent of Greenville residents have diabetes, below the state’s 10.7 percent.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Greenville, and breast and prostate cancers have the highest incidences.

Four out of five Greenville adults consume less than five servings daily of fruits and vegetables.

Sources: Greenville Health System and Bon Secours St. Francis



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