Timmons to challenge Fair for Senate


William Timmons, a Greenville businessman and former prosecutor with the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office, is challenging state Sen. Mike Fair for the S.C. Senate District 6 seat.

In less than a month of organizing his finance team, Timmons said he’s raised more than $130,000.

Fair is a “fine man with a long and distinguished career, but Columbia is broken,” Timmons said in a statement. “It is finally time to fix the South Carolina Senate and get rid of the special interest power that clouds most votes taken in the Senate these days.”


Timmons’ agenda includes term limits for legislators, ethics reform, and more transparency with reporting campaign filings. He said he would also push for shorter legislative sessions and biennial state budgets.

Timmons helped start Swamp Rabbit CrossFit and the Southern Tide clothing company. He was also involved in creating a centralized Domestic Violence Court in Greenville County.


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