Art goes public in Mauldin


Transportation paths inspired first art trail piece

“The Depot,” the first of 10 pieces of art to be installed on the new Mauldin Public Art Trail at the Mauldin Cultural Center, was inspired by a historical map of the city.

Artist Joey Manson became interested in the borders – a circle with a ½-radius centered on the city’s original train depot – and the crossroads formed by East Butler Road, Hwy. 276 and the railroad.

The shape resembled a propeller, an object Manson said played a great importance to the area’s economy, first as power producers for nearby mills and during World War II powering airplanes at the Donaldson Air Force Base. Manson’s art, which will be unveiled Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., incorporates the roads and railway that first gave rise to the modern industry and development that encircles Mauldin now and drives its economy, the artist said in a statement.

A new work will be selected each year by the Mauldin Cultural Council to fill the other nine spots around the amphitheater. Once all 10 slots are filled, the oldest piece will be replaced with a new piece and relocated permanently to another place in the community.

Cultural Center to get a different kind of facelift

The Mauldin Cultural Center will be getting a different kind of facelift, thanks to a Mauldin High senior.

Celine Crum, who also attends Greenville County Schools’ Fine Arts Center, will paint a Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night”-inspired mural on the exterior wall of the Cultural Center facing Murray Drive.

The Mauldin Cultural Center building once served as Mauldin High and then as Mauldin Elementary. Crum’s design is meant to highlight the creative nature of children and to encourage everybody to embrace it.

“Beyond just children, the mural is intended to inspire a whole community of Mauldin to further delve into their creative sides and literally become a part of the arts,” Crum said in a release. “I would love to see an artistic movement in Mauldin, and I believe that it could start here.”

Crum and other volunteers are scheduled to paint the mural on December 5.

The Mauldin Cultural Center hosts more than 1,000 events a year attended by nearly 30,000.


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