Greenville County School Board


Greenville County Schools’ board of trustees held its monthly meeting on Tuesday. For a front-row seat, see below:

Sara Collins addition one step closer

Craig Gaulden Davis will be the architect for an addition to Sara Collins Elementary School.

The Greenville County School Board selected the Greenville firm from among eight firms that had expressed interest in the project.

A 100-student addition is expected to open in 2017, according to the school district’s capital improvement plan. The addition is necessary to address anticipated growth.

Board accepts audit

Greenville County Schools’ reserve fund increased $11 million in fiscal year 2015, according to an annual outside audit accepted by the board Tuesday night.

An audit done by Greene, Finney & Horton put the district’s unassigned fund balance on June 30 at $96.5 million, or 18 percent of budgeted expenditures in 2016.

The district received $4.2 million more from the state than it budgeted for 2015 and $14.2 million more in property tax revenue was collected.

At the same time, expenses came in $6.6 million under budget. About $4.7 million of that came in savings on non-personnel related expenses.

The district received an unmodified opinion for the audit, which deemed GCS in good financial condition as of June 30.


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