Duke offers solar rebates


Duke Energy is offering rebates to help its South Carolina customers with the upfront cost of installing solar on their property. The rebate provides $1/watt-dc for qualified residential customers who install systems up to 20 kilowatts-ac on their property and for business customers who install systems up to 1 megawatt-ac.

Residential customer who install a typical 5-kilowatt system could earn rebates of about $5,000 under the program. Non-residential customers who install 50 kilowatts could earn a $50,000 rebate.

Systems installed as of Jan. 1 are eligible for the rebates, which are designed to encourage solar energy use and grow Duke’s renewable energy footprint in the state from less than 2 megawatts to at least 110 megawatts and potentially 170 megawatts by 2021.

Customers can apply for the rebate at www.duke-energy.com/SCSolarRebates. The rebate is payable to the customer or their installer upon completion of the installation.

To qualify, a customer must receive electric service from Duke in South Carolina and own the property where the solar is installed. Because the rebate was based on solar capacity limits set in legislation, Duke will enable a certain amount of solar at a rebate price and then may adjust the rebate in the future.


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