Greenville names new city planning director

Greenville finally has a new planning director after months of vacancy. His name Jay Graham and he’s anti-bureaucratic and red tape. In fact, Graham believes government should be an active part of the planning and construction process and not an independent, outside deterrent.

Lottie Gibson, longtime County Council member, dies

Gibson, who served for 24 years in the Greenville County Council, died Sunday, county officials confirmed.

Wofford College student becomes state’s youngest elected official

Wofford College student Phillip Habib used Facebook advertising and $10 in poster board signs to become the youngest elected official in South Carolina.

New guidelines should give DRB more direction

Public will get first look at proposal in February

When it comes to development along the Reedy, where do we go from here?

How should development happen along the Reedy River? The conversation on both sides continues

Developing the Reedy: Downtown’s Five Districts

Crafted nearly 10 years ago, a Greenville master plan called the area of Broad and River streets the premier redevelopment site in downtown. Developments along the informally named East Gateway District seem to indicate that sentiment holds true today. “While the Greenville News commands the frontage on Main Street today, Broad Street could become a […]

S.C. Ports Authority reports record November for container volume

Rail moves at inland port in Spartanburg County have increased nearly 31 percent since the start of the fiscal year in July.

Spartanburg Fire Department achieves top ISO rating

City officials anticipate department’s Class 1 Public Protection Classification will reduce insurance premiums for property owners in Spartanburg beginning in March 2017.

City Council gives initial approval for $2 million for affordable housing fund

The Greenville City Council will consider committing $2 million of the city’s fund balance to help increase the amount of affordable housing in the city.

When it comes to planning, Greenville designs for people, not buildings, first

The new 55 E. Camperdown Way office building as originally proposed would have detracted from our river vista and removed for all time the trees that conspicuously form a natural green connection between people on Main Street and the park. It is the city’s desire to preserve this link by buying the site, enlarging the footprint of Falls Park and (in the words of Harriet Wyche) our “oasis in the heart of the city.”

Survey about affordable housing show a public at odds

Most people who took a City of Greenville survey on affordable housing say more of it is needed, but few want it in their neighborhood.

Trade official: Australia will discuss post-TPP agreement with China

An Australian trade official said during a visit to Greenville that his country would talk with China about its plans for an Asia-wide trade agreement that would not include the United States, though no decisions have been made.

Consultant: Greenville should use part of fund balance to start tackling affordable housing shortage

Greenville should use part of its fund balance to start tackling the shortage of affordable housing in the city, advised a consulting firm that specializes in neighborhood revitalization.

Restaurant owners coping with shifting overtime rules

Restaurants and other kinds of businesses were just getting ready to comply with an Obama administration rule extending overtime pay to 4.2 million workers when a federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday putting the change on hold for now.