Asking the 5 Whys can help you get to the root cause of your branding problem

It can be an extraordinarily useful tool when applied to other cause-and-effect relationships, particularly why people don’t follow brands, why people do follow brands and how brands can transition from the former to the latter.

A firsthand look at ‘frictionless’ tech from CES

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show seemed more about evolution than revolution, says Wynit’s Sarah Segrest, with most of the “wow” coming from new iterations of existing technologies.

Spartanburg eatery hopes to give diners a breezy experience

Island Vibes on Main at 2600 E. Main St. in the LeBaron Plaza beside Yannis Restaurant has become The Breeze Restaurant, Lounge and Event Center.

Clemson professor receives $4.3 million grant to help develop cure for Huanglongbing

Feng Luo, associate professor in Clemson’s School of Computing, hopes genomic testing will curb the disease threatening the nation’s citrus crops.

Beacon marketing targets customers where they are

Technological shifts may help beacon technology deliver on its initial promise.

When Dress Isn’t Your Strongest Suit

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but your clothes tell a story. Make sure it’s the tale you want to be told.

Owning the Sweet Spot

10 ways to outfit your marketing toolkit and stay top-of-mind with your potential customers

The golden age of email marketing is dawning

A 50-year-old technology is the next big thing in reaching customers. Matthew Smith proves it with Really Good Emails.

Boot camp concept headed for Drayton Mills Marketplace

Elissa and David Farmer, franchise owners for North Carolina-based Burn Boot Camp, will open a new 5,000-square-foot facility at Drayton Mills Marketplace this spring.

Luxury pet care franchise hopes to add locations in Spartanburg

New Jersey-based K9 Resorts & Luxury Hotel, founded by brothers Jason and Steven Parker, announced Wednesday it is seeking new franchisees to lead the company’s expansion into Spartanburg and South Carolina.

Spartanburg young leaders host event for homeless vets

The 1831 Gala will be held from 8 p.m. to midnight Jan. 20 at the Piedmont Club in downtown Spartanburg. Proceeds will benefit Upstate Warrior Solution.

Clemson joins $253M national Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Initiative

Clemson University and several companies in the Upstate will play a prominent role in a new national initiative that aims to bring advanced robotics and training to manufacturing and generate 510,000 manufacturing jobs across the country by 2025.

AI breakthroughs and natural language apps may move business this year

NLP and NLG aren’t new technologies, but they are looking to have a breakthrough year in 2017.

The rise of precision health care shows that one cure might not fit all

If you get sick, knowing your molecular makeup can become the lens through which a personal treatment pathway is charted.

Cover your assets by adjusting personal insurance based on wealth needs

Risks like loss of income, longevity, disability and death can all be better planned for with the use of insurance as an integrated, not separate, part of your investment plan.