Hot Pocket

Expand your culinary horizons with this El Savadoran staple

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Fresh Start

Mill Village Market is a welcome addition to a West Greenville neighborhood

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Deep thoughts about Chinese takeout

When I first set out to write this column, I was thinking how clever and unexpected it would be to write about Chinese takeout.

New bar passes on alcohol, serves up naturally mellow drinks

A new bar has recently opened on Wade Hampton Boulevard, but this bar doesn’t sell alcohol. Instead, it features a drink native to the South Pacific – kava.

Rice is nice

“Under-promise, over-deliver.” I live by this saying. You’re always going to be a hero when you blow away expectations. (Never mind the fact you’re usually the one setting those expectations at an all-time low.)

All Together Now

The holidays are a time to share food, of course, but also fellowship, stories, and memories.

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Pop Culture

Daniel López emphasizes seasonal, Mediterranean-inspired tapas, as well as his trademark paella.

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Double Bubbly

Find your perfect sparkler for parties this season

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Stock & Barrel

Six & Twenty’s Carolina Rouge blends local whiskey with French terroir

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Christmas Best

Delight your inner kid—and your grownup tastes—with decadent cinnamon rolls

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Souped up

I’m not even sure I like tomato soup. I think this as I sit underground in the dim – but not too dim – confines of the Trappe Door. But it’s a bit late for second thoughts. I’m already staring down a bowl ladled full of the stuff.

A love letter to tacos

Tacos are just about the most perfect form of food. I’m typically not one to make broad pronouncements, but truly, if I had a personal motto or a family crest, it might be something like, “For God, country, and tacos.”

Bring on the brew

The Greenville Craft Beer Festival brings the suds for the third year at this weekend’s festival featuring local, regional and national brewers, who will gather at Fluor Field for a day of tasting and discovering new favorites.

Cold Day, Hot Pot

Hot pot is a humble dish. It has no pretenses. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a hot pot. I’m at Mekong Restaurant on a blustery, gray fall day – it’s not quite cold enough to warrant a chili or stew, which incidentally means the perfect conditions for hot pot.

Brew fete

Greenville Craft Beer Week promises a taste for everyone