The Year in Pictures: 2016

Take a look at a few of our staff photographer’s, Will Crooks, unpublished shots from the past year. Enjoy.

Double Exposure

The Southeast Center for Photography brings a new focus to Greenville

Family Dynasty

Jamie Wyeth adds his own color to the Wyeths’ artistic tradition

Essential Oils

Artist Michelle Jardines evokes the emotions of treasured spaces

Photography exhibit celebrates the beauty of people with disabilities

Tonight, a weekend-long event kicks off with a gala featuring the work of Rick Guidotti, a one-time international fashion photographer who founded the nonprofit Positive Exposure, an organization that celebrates the physical beauty of individuals with genetic disabilities. The exhibition, Positive Exposure Greenville, will be displayed at Greenville Center for Creative Arts, 25 Draper St., in the Village of West Greenville.

Upcoming ‘Wyeth Dynasty’ exhibit shows family’s depth of talent and expands GCMA’s Wyeth collection

It’s rare to have five members of the same family presenting an equally impressive level of artistic skill worthy of display in the same exhibit.

Norman Rockwell exhibit features “The Saturday Evening Post” covers

Many of the most recognized and beloved Norman Rockwell paintings on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post depicted the holidays, whether it was the presentation of a mouth-watering turkey at the Thanksgiving table or a rosy-cheeked Santa checking his list to see who was naughty or nice.

Opening New Doors

MAC’s Open Studios increases audience, art sales revenue each year

Let There Be Light

Famed international artist Erwin Redl brings Spartanburg’s neighborhoods into colorful clarity

Shifting Landscapes

Young artist emerges in Greenville with a formidable fusion of paint and textiles

MAConnect Fall Party

October 7, 2016

A New Scene

Artist Meredith Piper is inspired by new surroundings downtown

Where to go when the lights come on for Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light

On Oct. 4, Spartanburg residents and visitors can see different neighborhoods in the city in a whole new light. Nine temporary LED light art installations are going up, created by artist Erwin Redl. Here’s what you’ll find in Sparkle City after the sun goes down.