High School of Horrors

Ahhh, the nightmare of high school. The bad prom date, the dressing down by the mean principal, the lunch ladies and a big heaping serving of who knows what, the in-school suspension that seems to drag on for eternity, the class clown. It’s baaaaack. Four sections of the old Woodmont High have been turned into […]

Upstate Visual Arts starts fresh

Upstate Visual Arts has had three executive directors in the past two years and three locations since April. But the nonprofit arts organization’s newest executive director Katie Screven says there’s no doubt UVA should – and will – play an important part in elevating the stature and understanding of visual arts in the Upstate. “There’s […]

Books and the digital age

Having had three books published in the traditional way, author Carl T. Smith resents e-books. “When e-books came out, I thought they’d be like books on tape and kind of a flash-in-the-pan,” Smith said. But Smith, after conferring with some big-name author friends such as Tom Robbins and Pat Conroy, has conceded electronic publishing is […]

A hanging, a stabbing and a killing

Old-Time mountain music spills out of Oolenoy Community House in Dacusville where every Friday night for the past 20 years men, women, young and old gather with their banjos, fiddles, dulcimers and guitars for jam sessions. “I started to sing this music when I was a boy,” said Dan Wood, who plays banjo for the […]

100 words, 1 illustration

Artist Chuck Bailie has written the first 100 words and completed the first illustration of a book about a girl who lives in a world without color. He’s looking for 29 adult artists from the Upstate to finish it. “Artists, even the most nonchalant, are control freaks up to a point,” Bailie said. “This project […]

Exit stage right

Over the years, the Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg brought the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra, cutting-edge political satirists Capital Steps and the Golden Dragons, a team of Chinese acrobats, to the Chapman Cultural Center. But it was a losing proposition financially. Last year’s CenterStage season lost $43,000, said Jennifer Evins, the Center’s president and development […]

All season long

If that’s not enough, “West Side Story,” the classic musical set in New York City that tells of the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds, puts an end to the 2010-11 season next month. “You can’t get a much stronger season,” Riegel said. The 2011-12 season […]

Bead Weaver

Go to an art exhibit and you’ll see many pieces of finished art, but rarely does the public get to see what goes into creating it. “It seems the general conception of artists is they’ve got some kind of supernatural talent or something,” said Spartanburg bead artist Melissa Earley. “I think it’s important for people […]

Now in residence

Each of this year’s Hub-Bub artists-in-residence brings something new to Spartanburg. They’ll share it with the community for the next 10 months. Camille Bonham has taught drawing, bookmaking and alternative photographic processes to such disparate groups as inmates at the New Correctional Facility in Iowa and students at the M’Adamfo Pa Community Center in Accra, […]

The most common canvas

They produce their artwork on what is has to be the most common “canvas” in the country. From the whimsical to the mythological and from heartfelt tributes to fallen comrades, mothers and childhood heroes to political statements, their artistic creations are seen on upper arms, chests and legs of bikers, veterans and professionals alike. They’re […]

Starting up a brand new day

Last summer, Greenville musician Benton Blount was traveling the country on a radio tour to try to get radio stations to add his single to their play lists. Most of the 50 stations he visited said they would make airtime for “Carolina,” Blount’s single about wanting to go back home again. “There were so many […]

An investment, of the writing kind

Betsy Teter is running a bit late. She’s been working with an author on an upcoming book. Ready for her next meeting, she sits in a chair covered in polka-dot fabric near the front window at the Hub City Bookshop to relate once again the phenomenon that is Hub Culture, Spartanburg’s own literary organization that […]

This market’s for artists

There’s going to be a new Saturday market in downtown Greenville. The Saturday Local  Market will give local artists a venue at which to sell their art on Saturday afternoons from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. The market will run June 11 through Oct. 29 and will be held at 702 S. Main St. in […]

Rhyme, for a reason

Converse College music professor Scott Robbins was one composition into his latest CD project when he decided the world didn’t really need any more polite Emily Dickinson songs written for voice and piano. He decided to do something radically different – and unexpected – for “Bees: 5 Poems of Emily Dickinson.” He set the 19th […]

Young at their art

Taylor Moore already had a career. He was living in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, working as a journalist during the day, playing music at night. On his 24th birthday, he decided if he could make a living doing anything, he wanted that anything to be music. So he moved back to Greenville, […]