Upstate Reality Check launches

Sitting before maps and with colored Legos in hand and working groups of 10, 380 people of diverse backgrounds put aside their parochial interests to envision what Upstate will look like when a new wave of population settles in to live, work and play. Called Upstate Reality Check, the exercise was the first step in […]

Putt it right here

” • Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, Sunday – 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. – midnight Closed Mondays • Round of golf: $5 • Slice of pizza: $2.50 • Information: 232-5015 Michael Bryan hopes to lead the next movement in Greenville’s downtown renaissance – entertainment. He has opened Falls Park Golf […]

Suit challenges ‘parachute’

A proposed settlement of two shareholder suits against the board of directors of The South Financial Group requires former Chief Executive Officer Mack I. Whittle Jr. to resign as director and the board to enact reforms to create more distance between the board and corporate management. The shareholder suits challenged Whittle’s “golden parachute” and alleged […]

Dog bite victim improves

It’ll be four weeks ago tomorrow since 3-year-old Drew Sharp set aside crayons to go to the backyard of his grandparents’ home. He and his brother Sam, 7, had spent the day with grandparents, Bob and Lynn Sharp, at the couple’s home in Pilgrim’s Point off Hudson Road. Their mother was in Texas for a […]

And then the fire came

A dark brown teddy bear is propped up against the white mailbox post in the front yard of 867 Hayne St. In its lap sits a smaller, lighter bear. A stuffed duck lies in the grass nearby. And a star-shaped balloon with the words “God Bless You” flaps in the wind, much like it would […]

Carolina First names new president and CEO

H. Lynn Harton was named president and chief operating officer of Greenville-based The South Financial Group, the company’s board announced Monday. He also was named to the board of directors. Harton takes the reins at a difficult time for TSFG, parent company of Carolina First in South and North Carolina and Mercantile Bank in Florida. […]

Inaugural memories

Three simple words: “I was there.” I wanted my 13-year-old son Jack to be able to say “I was there” for the inauguration of the first African American President. There are few chances in life to witness history firsthand. At 5 a.m., bundled in five layers of clothes, parade tickets and blankets in hand, pretending […]

Faces of freedom

Ray Rogers was an Army combat engineer the day he and some 23,000 troops invaded Utah Beach on D-Day 1944. Two days later, a sniper shot him as he picked his way through a minefield. He wears a Purple Heart patch stitched to his navy-blue baseball cap. His World War II service once was something […]

South Carolina’s most influential

”  The most influential  1. Carroll Campbell, Greenville: Former governor and U.S. congressman. He is credited with bringing BMW to the Upstate and transforming the region. 2. Dick Riley, Greenville: Another former governor, praised for education reform. That led President Bill Clinton to name him U.S. Secretary of Education. 3. Strom Thurmond, Edgefield: The longtime […]

They call him Mr. Football

Standing inside the lobby of a posh Myrtle Beach hotel, Trey Elder knew his football coach was just playing around when he came over, winked at him and asked if he had his speech ready. Elder was one of eight finalists in 2003 for the coveted Mr. Football Award, an honor that has become somewhat […]

Nowhere to go

Ben Hargett was a smart kid, but he wasflunking out of high school. “I think some of the teachers were asbored as I was,” he said. “It was real easy to tune out whenyou’re not doing anything, effectively, with your time.” His grades plummeted. He startedgetting into trouble every day. He didn’t fit in. The […]

Back from war

When U.S. Marine Cpl. Erica Solakreturned home this spring after seven months in Iraq, she had troublegoing to sleep at night so her dad downloaded the sound of rapidmachine gun fire. It was that distinct, peppering noisethat jolted her awake her first night in Al Taqaddum as coalitionforces test-fired their weapons somewhere off in the […]

Graduating with honors?

“A high school senior with a 3.9 grade point average at Hillcrest High will walk across the stage at graduation this June with high honors. But if that same student graduates from Mauldin, J.L. Mann or Riverside, there would be no special designation. Greenville County schools set their own criteria when determining who graduates with […]