And finally.

Judy Jones is used to doing for others. She raised five children as a single mother. She brought a newborn granddaughter home from the hospital and reared her as her own, making sacrifices to pay for the piano lessons that will form the basis of her education at Lander University. She provides nursing care for […]

Getting out of high school

Published in the Greenville Journal I’ve always wanted to take South Carolina’s high school exit exam, to see if I could get out of high school, without ever attending it here.  I can’t (take it). It doesn’t matter if you reach senior year with all the required credits and a deposit on your cap and […]

Empty spaces

Published in the Sept 18, 2009 Journal There is one bright spot in the whole Sanford affair (pardon the pun), and that is the empty space. Did you notice the empty space?  A lot of women have.  It was just to the left of the podium.  Back in July, while our pathetic, flaccid Governor mouthed […]

Often wrong, never in doubt

Published in the January 30, 2009 Journal When your youngest is 16, and more or less the only one left at home, “Life in the Slow Lane” isn’t as fitting as it once was.  I’m still free to opine on issues relating to family and my Reason for Living, but now that my interaction with […]


Published in the Greenville Journal We’ve parked the computer that our children still don’t realize they are lucky enough to share, let alone have, in the kitchen area so that we can be aware of when they’re on it, and for how long. We don’t have too much worry about where they are when on […]

House video showcase

Published in the April 20, 2007 Journal OK, first allow me to list all the required disclaimers: Abortion is terrible. I abhor it. I would never advise anyone to have one. But I would never advise someone that they are headed for hell because they had one. (If they had had two, or more, that […]

The worst?

Published in the Greenville Journal What’s the worst thing your child could ever do? The answer varies according to age, but we start out answering it interms of the worst things we’ve already seen. When it comes totoddlers, parents often answer with tales of public tantrums, temporarydisappearances, and Pollock-quality artwork using indelible markers. It’s when […]

Good for you

Published in the Greenville Journal Ever since my first shift at my teens’ high school “schoolstore” nine years ago, I’ve had a hard time with selling. I don’t have a problem with sales, per se, but I can’t “sellice cubes to Eskimos.” Eskimos don’t need ice cubes. It would be a crime toconvince Eskimos that […]

And finally.

The passion nibbled and gurgled and grew little by little until it reached on-a-mission status. A sideline to a full-time job, the passion filled 13 or more years, and like many such things it arrived unexpectedly. Now Arlene Marcley is the nation’s public face – the spokeswoman – for Shoeless Joe Jackson, the Greenville native […]

Take My Word

Printed: 2/20/09 When I read the other day about people going into teaching as an easy backup plan in a bad economy, I could just hear my art-teacher sister’s comeback: Try a week at the local high school first and see if you last. An artist who wandered the globe in her youth and chose […]

Take My Word

Printed: 10/10/08 My sons will tell you one of the chief annoyances of being the child of an opinion writer strikes whenever I research an editorial like the one to the left of this column. I appear beside them, loaded with fresh examples of irrational teenage behavior, and insist they remove the earbuds and listen. […]

Take My Word

Printed: 9/12/08 The misguided idea that public dollars are limitless was on full display in the recent state Legislative Audit Council review of cell phone use among state employees. The prevailing attitude was adolescent: Dad’s paying, so the sky’s the limit. Two flagrant misuses stand out – for their audacity, and because they originated in […]

Take My Word

Printed: 9/12/08 Since January 2007, South Carolina school districts have been required by law to track, limit and punish school bullying in all its permutations, including cyberbullying, the trendy term for electronic harassment by cell phone or computer. This isn’t an overreaction. Bullying is a serious problem in the public school culture, which extends far […]

Take My Word

Printed: 9/7/07 “Mom,” my second son asked a couple of weeks ago at the height of the August heat wave, “if you stood under the hole in the ozone layer, would you burn up?” Were he a whole lot younger, this question would have alarmed me, as I would have felt duty bound to appear […]

Take My Word

Printed: 8/3/07 My husband sent out a blanket email to his coworkers last week that said, “Please, NO SPOILERS! We are reading the seventh and final book aloud as a family and I don’t want to know what happens. Just a week, and we’ll be done. Thanks.” The “Harry Potter” in the tagline was redundant. […]