Love is in the air – or do I smell a stink bug?

After a long hot Southern summer, fall has finally come to the Carolina foothills bringing memories of first love, and the sound of thunderous snoring and a houseful of stink bugs.

An open letter to open letter writers

I don’t pretend to be an expert on social issues and race relations — but open letters, and what they subtly promote, is my issue: bullying.

In Defense of Dabo

Dabo Swinney’s critics failed to appreciate just how revolutionary the coach’s love-everybody speech was for not only the Upstate, but the entire South, where so-called bathroom bills have been hastily passed and, in cases like North Carolina, bringing with them disastrous economic consequences.

Diagnosis: Data Breach

Bon Secours provides a lesson in the importance of vetting your third-party vendors

The Myth of the Lone Genius

True innovation comes from teams, not individuals

UConn instructor tapped to lead USC Upstate business incubator

Brian Brady takes the lead role at the GreenHouse in the George Dean Johnson Jr. College of Business and Economics

Brad Thomas knows Donald Trump’s secrets

Spartanburg business and finance writer Brad Thomas has written a book on the GOP presidential nominee and businessman that reportedly reveals the secrets behind Donald Trump’s businesses and his brand.

The Next Ex

Since the start of the current political campaigns, which began back in the Bronze Age, how many candidates have been introduced as “the next president of the United States”?

Greenville’s growing pains from a millennial’s perspective

I recently asked a newcomer to the area what they thought of Greenville. They replied, “Greenville is great. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too big.”

Construction begins on Richland Creek sewer improvements

A large sewer rehabilitation project in the Richland Creek area of downtown Greenville will force the temporary closing of the sand volleyball courts in Cleveland Park, but won’t impact major roadways.The $14 million project will allow for increased sewer capacity, growth and development.

Stronger Together

Upstate Ten at the Top summit continues building regional partnerships

Collisions are the key to entrepreneurial growth

Today, there are numerous collision-generating efforts helping drive success in the Greenville/Upstate area. Here are just a few.

Changing a culture by inviting self-awareness

At the most basic level, conscious leaders are aware of the particular characteristics of their personality and the impact they have on others.

Clowns are funny — censorship, not so much

This week, much of Greenville, if not a good sizable portion of the social media nation, was enthralled by one story and one story only — the terrifying tale of the Fleetwood Manor clown.

A woman’s place is in the repair shop – or anywhere else she wants

In the years after high school, people encouraged me to pursue jobs traditionally employing a high percentage of women.